Things Jamie Berg Likes

  1. Waking up to sweet, warm, fresh pastries and a mug of hot coffee
  2. When the idea for a new story pops into my head, seemingly out of nowhere
  3. Finding a new letter from my sister in the mailbox, the envelope covered in her artwork, the words as if I wrote them to myself
  4. Baby giggles that turn into little boy belly-laughs
  5. Dancing anywhere, at any time, making a complete fool of myself — preferably with a drink in hand
  6. The view from the Sun Gate at Machu Picchu
  7. Rereading Emerson’s “Self-Reliance” for the hundredth time, bundled under a blanket in an overstuffed chair
  8. That moment during a wedding when the groom first sees the bride at the top of the aisle
  9. Watching Aaron Sorkin masterpieces (The West Wing, The Newsroom), with my husband, sharing a bottle of red wine
  10. Memories of traveling through Europe, and imaginings of where we’ll go next
Jamie Berg is the founder and creative director of #bcbk (be curious. be kind.), as well as a writer, a reader, a wife, and a mother.
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Things Katy Wicks Likes

  1. The atmosphere in the air before a really great storm
  2. Creamy foods (milky chocolates and mild cheeses)
  3. The feeling of pride when I try a food for the first time I had always expected to hate — and love it (tomatoes, mushrooms, rice)
  4. Unexpectedly hearing from somebody I miss
  5. The first moments of awakeness when I can still remember my dreams so vividly
  6. An even tan on flawless skin
  7. A perfectly cooked egg with a runny yolk
  8. The sound of a crunchy leaf under my foot — better still, when it’s so crunchy I can feel it under my foot
  9. A good laugh in the working day
  10. Staying awake talking to somebody for hours longer than I should just because neither of us wants to end the conversation

Katy started her blog almost a year ago thinking she had lots to say about cool things like travelling, but it turns out she mostly just likes to whinge about things.

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Things Alane Hall Likes

  1. Passports with visas and entry/exit stamps
  2. Alpenglow
  3. The Olympic Games, from opening to closing ceremony and everything in between
  4. Outdoor summer music concerts complete with picnic blanket and good wine
  5. The potato chip aisle at the grocery store
  6. The New York Times Book Review
  7. Wildflower hikes in the Colorado Rockies
  8. Parisian bakeries early on Sunday mornings
  9. A powder day
  10. Après-ski

Alane Hall loves life in the Colorado mountains and exploring locales near and far, and is one half of the travel photography blog Travels with Glimmer and Glass.

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Things Sandra Samoska Likes

  1. The sound of my kids’ belly laughs
  2. Fuzzy socks
  3. Turning the music up really loud when I’m alone in the car
  4. Tiny toiletries
  5. The face my daughter makes when she bites into a lemon
  6. Freshly sharpened pencils
  7. Canned asparagus
  8. The heavy warmth of a baby falling asleep on me
  9. A basket of folded laundry
  10. Rearranging furniture

Sandra Samoska is probably sitting on her couch with four kids trying to sit in her lap at the same time.

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Things Jasmin Frank Likes

  1. Lying on the warm patio stones like a lizard, so the warmth can get into my bones
  2. The smell of shaving foam for men
  3. Licking the batter off the mixing spoon when the cake is in the oven
  4. The fine texture and mild, but still hot, taste of German mustard
  5. Putting my glasses on after they have just been cleaned
  6. The talking voice of Frank Zappa
  7. Watching my husband get a haircut
  8. Opening a beer bottle with a cigarette lighter
  9. The sound of cold liquid being poured into a hot pan
  10. The word “poodle”
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Things Jill Schuman Likes

  1. Getting off the plane in Durango and taking a deep breath of Colorado air and vibes
  2. Eating my favorite dish of salmon, brown rice and veggies or one of my great salads when I am hungry
  3. Sitting in my kitchen with my large and boisterous family and talking for hours
  4. An epic read from a book that I had not expected to love so much
  5. Opening a new bag of coffee beans and breathing in
  6. Laughing; just belly laughing about anything, anytime, with anyone
  7. The smell of everything citrus
  8. Being on the earth hiking or cross-country skiing with my husband and a great picnic lunch in my pack
  9. A great night’s sleep between clean sheets with the windows open
  10. Smelling mud and musk after a Colorado rainstorm

Jill Schuman is an avid outdoorswoman and founder of eNZees Foot Soother, which imports lambswool that prevents hot spots and blisters.

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Things Kristi Mellin Likes

  1. Crossing something off my to-do list right after I complete that task
  2. The smell of wood at hardware stores
  3. Pulling my hair into a ponytail
  4. Crossing the street downtown during the day
  5. Discovering music that my peers haven’t heard before and then telling them about it
  6. Having a face-to-face conversation
  7. Putting on warm jackets
  8. The way the city lights twinkle at night
  9. Meeting up with old friends at little, quaint cafes
  10. Walking on carpet barefoot

Kristi Mellin loves cheesecake and so desperately wishes it could be considered a healthy food choice.   

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