Things Caroline Teichner Likes

  1. Editing for grammar
  2. Extra clicky keyboard keys
  3. The little side pocket on my dog’s floppy ears (the Internet tells me it’s called a “cutaneous pouch”)
  4. Thursday evening
  5. Freshly painted red nails
  6. Baked potatoes drenched in melted cheese
  7. The number 3
  8. Sauvignon blanc from New Zealand
  9. Collecting beach glass
  10. Studying other people’s taste in jewelry
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One thought on “Things Caroline Teichner Likes

  1. […] Like” launched. The nearly 80 (!) lists on the site include items like shaving in streams, the number 3, Scandinavian design, and the word “poo.” To celebrate this big birthday, I’ve […]


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