Things Conway Irwin Likes

  1. Ears on children’s hats and hoods
  2. Saying “perturb”
  3. Hippo ear-fluttering
  4. The upward tilt of Kermit the Frog’s chin
  5. The special section of Singapore’s botanical garden containing hybrid orchids named after dictators (and other world leaders)Alisan's Salamander Stinky Tofu
  6. Shuffling old, soft cards
  7. This postcard [see right] my husband and I found in Taipei
  8. When dogs are so excited they wag their butts along with their tails
  9. Thunder that cracks
  10. That my mother-in-law bought an old-fashioned iron for the sole purpose of making grilled cheese
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One thought on “Things Conway Irwin Likes

  1. bethabauman says:

    Yes! Especially to hippo ear twitiching


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