Things Jessica Gross Likes

  1. Anthropomorphized animals
  2. Post-snowfall silence
  3. An enormous apple straight from the refrigerator
  4. The word “quixotic”
  5. The sound of a stone plonking into a lake
  6. A slinky making its way down an entire staircase
  7. The Microsoft Office paperclip
  8. Singing to myself while I wash the dishes
  9. When dogs yip in their sleep
  10. Subway breakdancers

Jessica Gross started this website.

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5 thoughts on “Things Jessica Gross Likes

  1. bethabauman says:

    I too like the jolly little paperclip!


  2. etomasik says:

    I love the subway break dancers! They get me every time.


  3. Can’t imagine washing the dishes without bursting into song.


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