Things Laura Hadden Likes

  1. Putting a book back on the bookshelf after I’ve finished reading it
  2. Mug handles that fit the curve of my hand perfectly
  3. Watching the way women in my family laugh so hard that they cry (it must be genetic)
  4. When the server recommends what I wanted to eat anyway
  5. Crawling up staircases on my hands and knees
  6. The way my dog needles her nose under my elbow for a cuddle
  7. The 3-5 seconds after an airplane bursts through the cloud layer (and no other part of the experience of flying)
  8. Dresses with pockets
  9. Gossiping with my husband after guests leave our dinner party
  10. Seeing old women totally comfortable being naked in the locker room

Laura Hadden is an interdisciplinary media artist and public radio non-profiteer in Portland, Oregon.

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