Things Cheri Lucas Rowlands Likes

  1. Watching squirrels scurry in the morning, wondering where they have to be
  2. Karl the Fog, especially when he creeps over the mountains
  3. The secret language I’ve developed with my husband, in which we frequently use the poop emoji
  4. Binge-watching House Hunters
  5. Jungle and techno from the ’90s
  6. My mother’s adobo chicken, the day after she cooks it
  7. Naming inanimate objects, from my laptops to my tiny house on wheels
  8. People who actually dance, rather than face a DJ on stage and pump their fists
  9. Pictures of farmhouse sinks in rustic industrial kitchens on Pinterest
  10. A rare session of automatic writing

Cheri Lucas Rowlands should not be fed after midnight.

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2 thoughts on “Things Cheri Lucas Rowlands Likes

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  2. badfish says:

    Karl the Fog’s sister, Miss Tee, lives near me some times…

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