Things Jesse Shotland Likes

  1. Clean sheets after having gotten used to dirty sheets
  2. Shaving my legs (for cycling) and feeling them on said clean sheets
  3. Taking pictures of beautiful places that are underappreciated
  4. Bikes that were made with attention to detail in a creative and personal way
  5. The cold side of the pillow
  6. Video games I grew up playing that are now 15 years old and way better than “Call of Duty”
  7. Arthur-shaped mac and cheese
  8. Eating ice cream while riding bikes with friends in the summer as it melts and the sprinkles get stuck to your hand with the wind blowing the creamy goodness off your fingertips as you try desperately to lick it off in time
  9. Being out of breath
  10. When a dog receives so much love in its life it comes up to you with a wagging tail after having only seen you for one second in its entire life

Jesse is a classic goofball. He races bikes, he befriends his opponents, and he feels loved. He’s grateful.

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