Things Nikki Rao Likes

  1. The power of a good outfit, that comfortable colorful combo of stuff that somehow feels like a part of you (and a magical shield against meanies)
  2. A brand new pair of socks
  3. That weightless feeling you get on a coaster, and the funny feeling in your stomach
  4. Watching meteor showers before dawn with my brother and sister
  5. Hearing a song and remembering a moment or person because of it, like Elton John’s “Your Song”
  6. Sneaking a spoonful of Nutella
  7. Watching a movie that makes me cry (Interstellar, Bicentennial Man, Life is Beautiful, The Mighty)
  8. Garage sales and antiques: the books and clocks I recover are like treasure
  9. Etymology
  10. After a shower, climbing into a bed with clean sheets in a chilly room

Nikki Rao IS human, or at least so she’s told.

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One thought on “Things Nikki Rao Likes

  1. I really can relate to #1 and #10…
    There are a combination of outfit that makes me feel they were part of me. My lost broken-white shawl with black “branches” pattern, a little black dress and 20 denier stocking. And I love sleeping in a chilly room with my blanket wrapped around me.


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