Things Sam Reynolds Likes

  1. Hearing the joy in my mom’s voice when she answers the phone and hears it’s me
  2. The hot, tight skin on little puppies’ tummies
  3. Snuggling in bed whilst the opening scene of my favourite series begins
  4. That golden light just as the sun sets that illuminates the landscape
  5. Discovering an audio of my favourite poet reading my favourite poem (Robert Frost, “Nothing Gold can Stay”)
  6. Quirkily illustrated children’s books
  7. Editing my photographs at the end of a day spent exploring a new place
  8. The beautiful, heartwarming, soulful letters my dad writes me
  9. Singing along to my favourite tunes on a long road trip with my boyfriend (I’m always the star, he’s always the backing singer)
  10. Roses in a faded hues and the smell of old books, which make me nostalgic for memories I never made
Sam Reynolds is a writer and photographer obsessed with finding The Ultimate Vegan Cupcake.
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One thought on “Things Sam Reynolds Likes

  1. Ditto to the puppy skin–in a totally, non-creepy “Silence of the Lambs,” except with puppies, kinda way. Love their chubby tummies!


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