Things Jenny Tsai Likes

  1. The buzzing sound my new Clarisonic makes to tell me to change which part of my face I’m scrubbing
  2. Rushing up the stairs at the 1 stop at 125th street to see the train pulling in
  3. The taste of lemon on arugula (or kale)
  4. Figuring out an obscure connection between two people (e.g., both of my coworkers’ dads are GI doctors)
  5. Getting off the wait list for a long anticipated book through the Philly ebook public library portal
  6. Figuring out the clue for the all-the-way-across horizontal spaces in a crossword
  7. Putting ingredients in a slow cooker, setting the timer, and having a great meal ready eight hours later
  8. The opening scene of the “Shake it Off” music video, when Taylor Swift nods and sing/hums “mmhmm”
  9. Running into a friend I’ve been meaning to catch up with on the train
  10. That my Fitbit vibrates when someone calls me
Jenny is an avid reader who works as a management consultant on the weekdays. 
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