Things Vaishnavi Raghunathan likes

  1. Smell of freshly ground coffee in the morning
  2. Sitting by a window seat and listening to Iron & Wine on the way to work
  3. Waiting to bite into a krówki before sending my tastebuds into an orgasmic overdrive
  4. That moment when my Spanish tortilla ends up intact and whole while tossing it from the pan to a plate
  5. Waking up to a text from my favourite person in the world
  6. Catching all the trailers before the movie starts in the cinema
  7. Spending hours in a perfumery until finding that one special scent that I know I’m taking home
  8. Holding newborns while they yawn and flutter their long baby eyelashes
  9. Watching a horror movie at night and refusing to get out of bed for a bio-break
  10. Stepping out to a sunny but chilly day

Vaishnavi Raghunathan is a budding PhD in evolutionary biology who might, one day, achieve everything she wanted. 

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3 thoughts on “Things Vaishnavi Raghunathan likes

  1. Oortcloud Domicile says:

    Only 3 out of 10 things concerns food and beverages, which is not bad at all.


  2. Vaishnavi says:

    That’s very rich coming from a guy who lusts over the digital versions of the food I make! Please, go make your own list!


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