Things Alyx Cullen Likes

  1. The tiny accordionist who plays in the passage between the BDFM and the 7 trains at Bryant Park every weekday morning
  2. One-way tickets to Europe
  3. The very rare occasions on which The New Yorker arrives in outer borough mailboxes on a Monday
  4. Eating the dropped salt and sesame seeds from a City Bakery Pretzel Croissant with a wet forefinger
  5. That naked feeling the first time you wear shorts in the spring
  6. That cozy feeling the first time you need a sweater in the fall
  7. The little rwars my cat, Charlie, makes when he talks to himself
  8. The way all museums smell: stone, dust, vacuumed carpet, and lowered voices
  9. The sound David Foster Wallace makes during interviews when he’s trying to think of the right thing to say. It sounds kind of like “tchuh tchuh tchuh”
  10. Dinosaur piñatas
Alyx is a Creative Writing MFA student at NYU who lives in Queens with her cat Charlie.
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