Things Evan Anggono Likes

  1. Taking a shower after I go home from a rainy day with the windows slightly open and shutters closed
  2. When I beat a boss in a video game with less than 5% health left after hours of trial and error
  3. The feeling when you listen to a new song that hits just the right spot
  4. Sitting across the globe in Flushing Meadow Park on a nice cloudy day while listening to a jazz rendition of “Lazy Afternoons” from Kingdom Hearts II
  5. Opening the case of a brand new video game after finishing a bunch of old ones
  6. When I guess the plot twist in a story LOOONNGGG before it’s finally revealed
  7. Coming up with a really good, corny, original-sounding pun that’s so cringy, it hurts
  8. When I find a really good meme/song that reflects my life
  9. The moment I stopped crying my eyes out after watching a really good and sad anime
  10. The ideas that flood into my head after a long period of writer’s block

Evan Anggono is hiding in a cardboard box (if you get the reference, here’s a cookie!).

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