Things Jillian Steinhauer Likes

  1. The word “poo”
  2. Watching my cats clean themselves
  3. A really excellently written piece of cultural criticism
  4. Breakfast, any time of the day
  5. Throwing myself birthday parties
  6. The Step Up movies
  7. Looking at art in museums and galleries, often alone
  8. When the sky is glorious (big clouds, bright sun, brilliant colors)
  9. Leaving work while it’s still light out
  10. Rare, precious, uninterrupted sleep

Jillian Steinhauer is a writer, critic, journalist, blogger, editor, copy editor, and social media maven.

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One thought on “Things Jillian Steinhauer Likes

  1. […] items like shaving in streams, the number 3, Scandinavian design, and the word “poo.” To celebrate this big birthday, I’ve posted a double-whammy of two new amazing lists. […]


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