Things Alex M. Pruteanu Likes

  1. Braunschweiger (no, it’s not cat food!) on buttered bread
  2. A sharp, #2 Ticonderoga pencil
  3. The word “verdant”
  4. Dawn
  5. 4:30 am coffee: strong, a little cream, no sugar
  6. Tanqueray gin very dry martini with a twist (4 oz.)
  7. Backgammon on a Saturday afternoon by the fire in my local pub during cold months
  8. Toronto
  9. Scandinavian design
  10. Hot shower in dead of winter with window wide open

Alex M. Pruteanu is a fiction writer/liar/thief. 

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One thought on “Things Alex M. Pruteanu Likes

  1. […] The nearly 80 (!) lists on the site include items like shaving in streams, the number 3, Scandinavian design, and the word “poo.” To celebrate this big birthday, I’ve posted a double-whammy […]


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