Things Helena L. Rollason Likes

  1. Surprising people who hold misconceptions of me
  2. When I catch somebody out and they are forced to admit that they haven’t actually read the book that they’ve spent so long harping on about (*cough* Finnegan’s Wake)
  3. Running through the sprinklers on the perfect lawn of a millionaire’s mansion on a summer evening
  4. Quoting lines from gangster movies at entirely inappropriate times
  5. Wearing so much mascara that my niece compares my eyelashes to spider legs
  6. That almost-silence when you can hear nothing but nature and your own breathing
  7. Watching the RAF Red Arrows aerobatics display
  8. Eating cherries out of a brown paper bag
  9. When bus drivers wave to one another as they pass by — or, even better, when they wind down their windows, lean out and have a full-blown chat with their colleagues
  10. Feeling totally and utterly fearless

Helena L. Rollason is a freelance writer, editor, artist, raconteur and troublemaker from London.

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