Things Willow Belden Likes

  1. Opening all the windows on the first warm summer day
  2. The smell of argan oil in wet hair
  3. Cycling with the wind behind you
  4. Shaving outdoors, in a stream
  5. The warm, sideways glow of dawn
  6. The glint of a freshly scrubbed bathtub
  7. Animated discussions about obscure grammatical questions
  8. Perfectly ripe avocados
  9. The feeling of weightlessness that comes with a shorter haircut
  10. Being the only person on a mountain

Willow hosts a podcast about the outdoors called Out There and was formerly a reporter for Wyoming Public Radio.

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5 thoughts on “Things Willow Belden Likes

  1. Number 8! Love perfectly ripe avocados too


  2. natashaski says:

    I’ve heard Willow Belden on-air, when she worked for Wyoming Public Radio. I feel a little bit like I’m meeting a celebrity (!) running across her list of likes, here.

    Although, this is the internet and I’ve never met her in real life, so… that’s probably pretty weird…


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  4. […] Source: Things Willow Belden Likes […]


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