Things Imani McGarrell likes

  1. When it rains the same days that I’m grumpy
  2. Buying new pens for my desk at work
  3. Dinner parties
  4. The face my boyfriend makes when I tweeze his eyebrows
  5. The man in the cafeteria who gives me extra fries when I’m sad
  6. Getting lost in IKEA
  7. Eating chicken nuggets while we dangle our toes in the river
  8. Finding sales in the wine section at the grocery store
  9. Tarot cards
  10. Coordinating my lipstick with my nail polish

Imani McGarrell is the Managing Editor at the University Star, hopes not to drown in student loan debt before writing something memorable, and would leave her boyfriend for Beyonce.

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One thought on “Things Imani McGarrell likes

  1. murrayf98 says:

    Funny list check ou my list on my page👍


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