Things Emily Diestel Likes

  1. Steaming hot cups of tea that I’ve tricked other people to make
  2. Repeatedly kissing the velvet part to the side of my horsey’s nosey
  3. Pretending the reason I’m in a wheelchair is because I’m lazy
  4. Watching my father check the water tank and nearly getting knocked over by a huge Wedge-tailed Eagle that’s come down for a quick drink
  5. Doing impressions of Blackadder in my specialist’s office
  6. Being perverse (please see numbers 1 to 10)
  7. Insisting on finishing a magazine article when I’m called in for an appointment (just want to know what’s happened)
  8. Writing out a list of things I like
  9. Taking a teddy bear out in public and insisting he’s my “life partner”
  10. Referring to my diabetes as being “Pancreatically Challenged”

Emily Diestel writes a wonderfully informative blog about telling people what do with their lives that is a must-read for everyone but, unfortunately, she writes under a pseudonym so the website is permanently unavailable to all of you; we apologise for any inconvenience.

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