Things Elisa Wouk Almino Likes

  1. The slow, burning sensation of the sun warming my back
  2. Spicy radishes, pickles, pepperoncini
  3. Pressing a ballpoint pen into the page to make precisely-formed letters
  4. Clicking, then twisting, the cap of my body cream closed
  5. Benny Goodman’s warm clarinet and Jorge Ben’s bright, smiling voice
  6. Landing my head on a soft, cool pillow
  7. Pierre Bonnard’s luminous paintings of breakfast tables, his wife drinking tea, a bowl of cherries
  8. Slow mornings of wandering from room to room in my pajamas, drinking multiple cups of coffee
  9. Sliding my bare feet under newly washed, white sheets
  10. Flowers that release their scent at nighttime

Elisa Wouk Almino is a writer, translator, and editor based in Brooklyn.

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