Things Christian N. Kerr Likes


  1. The archaic word “feak” to mean those stray wisps of hair that fall in front of your eyes while you’re reading. Example: “Leo’s feaks were on fleek in Titanic
  2. The way stick figures are drawn by children in China — without torsos, like houses with heads
  3. The click-clack sound of skateboard wheels rolling fast across a brick plaza
  4. The satisfying feeling of slowly freeing a vinyl sticker from its glossy backing
  5. The Loudon Wainwright III song “Man & Dog”
  6. The cats in Frans Snyder’s paintings
  7. This line from Thomas Pynchon’s Crying of Lot 49: “This is America, you live in it, you let it happen. Let it unfurl.”
  8. “The duality of the Southern Thing.”
  9. Poems about paintings, like Pieter Bruegel’s “Landscape with the Fall of Icarus” and the William Carlos Williams poem it inspired
  10. Slow-motion videos of dogs trying and failing to catch objects tossed at them

Christian N. Kerr is a writer and researcher based in Brooklyn. 

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