Things Stephanie Warbird Arditte Likes

  1. Diners that serve omelets 24 hours a day — especially when the hash browns come slightly burnt and the coffee comes with free refills
  2. Filling up a notebook to the very last page
  3. Someone else French braiding my hair
  4. When “Ridin’ Dirty” by Chamillionaire was my ringback tone
  5. Watching my dad have staring contests with my rescue puppy, Piper
  6. The sensory memories of my mom getting ready to go out to a party, a play, or a fancy dinner when I was a child: the clacking of her heels on the hardwood floors, the smell of the perfume she saved for special occasions, the car crunching in and out of the gravel driveway at the beginning and end of the night
  7. Browsing the course catalog before the start of each college semester and imagining an infinite number of potential class schedule combinations
  8. My older sister’s voice when she reads aloud
  9. Investigating the different kooky design schemes in restaurant bathrooms
  10. Apartments in New York City with exposed brick and roof access

Stephanie is a former neighborhood pogo stick champion and current Creative Writing MFA student at NYU.

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