Things Siona Benjamin Likes

  1. Palm trees blowing in the wind on my street in Bombay, when I was growing up, as I remember them
  2. Ruby, my dog, sleeping at my feet as I paint late into the night
  3. Mixing turquoise blue gouache and then applying it, layer by transparent layer, and watching it come alive
  4. Eating dosas with coconut chutney in Kerala after visiting the oldest synagogue in India
  5. My daughter Rachel cooking me one of her stupendous dinners (and it’s a surprise new dish every time!)
  6. Imagining that I can touch a painting I love in a museum, and licking my finger in the hope that I can ingest some of its brilliance (I would never actually dare to do it!)
  7. Walking miles in a museum with Peter and stumbling upon another marvelous piece of art that makes us forget our aching backs
  8. Closing my eyes and diving into pools of absolutely brilliant color
  9. Getting lost in an old medieval city in Italy, and stumbling upon another painting by Piero della Francesca
  10. Remembering my mother, Sophie, and how much she loves me

Siona Benjamin is a painter originally from Mumbai, now living in the US. 

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