Things Natalja Laurey Likes

  1. Skipping episodes when watching series and making my own story lines retrospectively
  2. Believing fortune cookies’ messages are meant to be
  3. Interpreting everyday life as a movie in which my friends play leading roles
  4. Stepping into untouched snow
  5. Ordering my latte “extra hot” and drinking my last sip when it has almost completely cooled down
  6. Stealing my boyfriend’s slippers
  7. Seeing what ingredients are needed to make a dish, and then inventing a new recipe with the same ingredients (especially: banana bread)
  8. Giving myself compliments when speaking in a foreign language
  9. Analyzing everything with my BFF
  10. Early-morning calls when I bike to work (and hanging up randomly as soon as I arrive)

Natalja Laurey is a ‘Menschenmens’ based in Amsterdam, doing research in the field of anthropology, design and (digital) innovation.

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