Things Jeannie MacDonald Likes

  1. The musty smell of old books in attics
  2. The hand-written love letters my parents exchanged when first dating
  3. The ads in my Life magazine (October 17, 1938) with Carole Lombard on the cover
  4. Grating lemon zest in winter, releasing a scent that puts me in summer
  5. The satisfying “thwack” of a flossed item projectiling out
  6. Picking raspberries at a farm on a Sunday morning as a train whistle sounds in the distance
  7. Sleeping under warm covers in an air-conditioned room
  8. The whiffle cut and sunny grin of my husband’s second-grade school picture
  9. My 1929 telephone that makes a shhhh-tttttttttt sound when you dial it
  10. Biting half of the candy coating on a peanut M&M while leaving the nut intact

Jeannie MacDonald is a humor writer, cupcake baker and Buster Keaton fanatic who lives three miles from the ocean in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

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