Things Dianne Ballon Likes

  1. The uneven ring of the bell buoy at Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse
  2. The beautiful aching sound of boats creaking at a dock
  3. The sound of a curling stone as it crosses the ice
  4. The sound of a tennis ball being hit hard
  5. My magic shoes, which look like bowling shoes
  6. The golden, streaming light of late afternoon before the sun dips below the horizon
  7. The tiredness after a long, sweaty day at the garden
  8. Musical instruments, particularly violins that appear in my dreams
  9. The long, solitary, early-morning search for the warblers as they return in the spring
  10. The sound in my mind of my late Mom calling me “Little One”

Dianne Ballon is a sound artist from Portland, Maine whose sound works have aired on National Public Radio.

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