Things Anthony Poli Likes

  1. The buzz that means my phone is charging
  2. The rush of cool air when coming inside from a hot day
  3. A new song with lyrics I immediately relate to
  4. Calming symmetry
  5. The aroma of fresh-cut strawberries
  6. The sound of G minor on my guitar
  7. Spotless drinking glasses
  8. The moment I figure out what I’m doing wrong in a math equation
  9. The chill on my pillow
  10. Laughing over memorable moments with friends

Anthony Poli, a student at Bryan Middle School in Elmhurst, Illinois, plays guitar, Xbox 1, and tricks on his sister.

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2 thoughts on “Things Anthony Poli Likes

  1. Enjoy reading these lists. Some of them are so creative while some remind me of my own favorites or childhood memories.


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