Things Charlotte Czerw Likes

  1. Walking on a path with cherry blossom trees in the springtime when the wind blows and the petals dance around me
  2. Opening the blue mailbox and placing a birthday note inside the slot and hearing it fall on top of other letters
  3. Reading stories I loved as a child to my children
  4. Napping on the beach and drifting in and out of consciousness like the waves on the shore
  5. Prepping my beginning-of-the-year bulletin board for my classroom
  6. Mapping out a walk in a city I’ve never explored before and sightseeing as I go
  7. My first sips of my hot mint tea in the morning
  8. Catching up and cuddling with my husband as soon as our children are asleep
  9. Jogging on a chilly morning and seeing my breath
  10. Dancing with live accompaniment and losing myself in the movement and music

Charlotte Czerw is a nursery school teacher, artist, performer and mommy.

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