Things Sekar Krisnauli T. Likes

  1. Imagining a music video for the songs I listen to when I’m bored on a train/bus/car/flight/boat
  2. Being in love
  3. Writing long emails and lengthy letters to loved ones
  4. Asking people questions that I already have an answer to, like: “Who would you have direct a biopic about your life?”
  5. Talking on the phone with a best friend from home between midnight and 3 a.m. because that’s when we become the most fun: delirious, blunt, yet affectionate creatures
  6. Describing a certain scene, or telling my friends a memorable moment, or expressing a particular feeling in great detail
  7. Walking around the streets of Manhattan with a great friend or a lover and stopping by a cafe for coffee and pastries so we can keep the conversation rolling without our stomachs doing the same
  8. Ocean breeze, or the simple acknowledgement that the beach is close by
  9. The annual surprise breakfast for my father’s birthday
  10. Planning travel itineraries on luxurious trains like the Orient Express
Sekar Krisnauli T. is a rising junior who enjoys taking “aesthetically pleasing” Instagram shots and is a dreamer of the past, a planner of the future and a lover of the present. 
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One thought on “Things Sekar Krisnauli T. Likes

  1. Gee Jen says:

    I love number 4!!


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