Things Tracy Frate Likes

  1. A kiss on my head from someone of the opposite sex
  2. Driving with the windows down when I’m tan and have nice sunglasses and great music playing
  3. The sound of my two adult sons’ laughter
  4. The hilarious sound of a baby laughing uncontrollably
  5. Walking in the morning on the beach in Sea Pines on Hilton Head Island with my husband
  6. The butterflies I get when my husband playfully threatens to spank me
  7. A good book with a glass of wine after the house has been cleaned by me
  8. Presenting my son with volume one of his life scrapbook and seeing the joy in his face even when he is so incredibly masculine and busy in his business world
  9. Staying off Facebook for a few days, then seeing lots of posts and pictures from loved ones when I return
  10. The excitement and surprise when a box from a certain online megastore is at my doorstep even though I ordered it!

Tracy Frate is a mom to two grown sons, a stage four glioblastoma brain tumor survivor of seven years, and a very happy wife to a pretty smart mathematics major from UCLA.

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