Newsflash: The Library Exhibit Is Here! [Photos]

The “Things We Like” exhibit is officially installed at the St. Agnes branch of the NYPL! It will be up through the end of the month, so if you’re in New York City, please do stop by. (The library is located at 444 Amsterdam, between 81st and 82nd; make sure to check the hours.) In the meantime, here’s a taste.






6 thoughts on “Newsflash: The Library Exhibit Is Here! [Photos]

  1. vitaf15 says:

    How exciting! I’m thrilled to be included. Thanks Jessica!


  2. vitaf15 says:

    Reblogged this on Jotterizing and commented:
    I’m very excited to have my list included in a special exhibit based on Jessica Gross’s “Things we Like” blog at the St Agnes Branch of the NYPL! Look at the beautiful Charrow illustration that accompanies it – lemons in a blue bowl. Do pop along if you are in NYC… wish I could visit too.
    Thanks Jessica for your wonderful blog!


  3. This project is magic. It’s the opposite of bland and hasty small talk. Sharing such specific and often intangible delights reminds me what interesting and similar creatures we are. Found your site via and so glad about it!

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  4. I think now I like lemons in a blue bowl too…

    – E.

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  5. Annette says:

    Congrats to all list makers and to the founder! I am going to join in the fun too!


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