Things Sydney Hartle Likes

  1. That little divot in a never-been-used ChapStick
  2. Wiggling my fingers in a bowl of smooth, dry beans
  3. Smelling an infant’s head
  4. The flatness of my belly in the morning and its fullness after dinner
  5. Eating frozen blueberries
  6. The instant enlargement of a cat’s pupils before she darts around the room, possessed
  7. Those wispy hairs at the nape of my neck that are too short to fit in my ponytail
  8. A pat on the butt from a man who has permission to touch it
  9. The sound of my name in an accent other than my own
  10. The humbling quietude of standing alone by the sea

Sydney Hartle is a writer and recent college grad who peaked at age six, when she met her celebrity crush, General Shang from Mulan, at Disneyland.

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One thought on “Things Sydney Hartle Likes

  1. […] submitted a list of things I like to Jessica Gross’s happiness project, Things We Like, and she liked it […]


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