Things Ena Jarales Likes

  1. People replying to email conversations I had long forgotten about
  2. Ham-and-cheese-and-pineapple pizza
  3. The names Isobel and Isolde
  4. A time capsule in Manila set to be opened in February 2045
  5. When younger cousins read the books I recommend
  6. Xiao long bao with just the right amount of soup that explodes in my mouth
  7. The feeling of utter disbelief that makes me put down a terrific book in the middle of reading
  8. When someone else sings along to the background music at a store
  9. Cary Grant movies (or just about any black-and-white movie)
  10. The combination of alabaster and Delft Blue
Ena Jarales occasionally wishes that everyone in the world would just learn to get along with each other.
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