Things Patricia Single Likes

  1. Manny the cat sleeping, curled up tight into a perfect circle
  2. My super cool, super comfy, super soft lavender suede shoes
  3. The random still life composition of just-picked apples lying upon the kitchen counter
  4. The soft thud when the lid of the laptop closes
  5. The rhythmic flow of writing by hand
  6. Pocket-sized black leather notebooks with unlined pages
  7. Creamy yogurt atop thinly sliced bananas, sprinkled with sunflower seeds
  8. A glass of cold water with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice
  9. Riding a bicycle, recalling how as a child I would imagine my bicycle a faithful pony
  10. Flying overnight to London, looking out the window to see the magical full moon traveling alongside

Patricia Single seeks the magical spirit in words and images, and small daily moments.

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