Things Elke Lopez Likes

  1. The confirmation number I receive after paying a bill
  2. Folding down the corner of a page in a good book to mark where I left off
  3. The smell of cucumber that fills the air as I’m cutting one up for a fresh salad
  4. The sound of my two younger boys’ voices as they ask for an apple instead of candy
  5. Receiving a long email from my long-distance besties
  6. Sipping a glass of wine (preferably Josh or 19 Crimes) in front of my fireplace on a cold evening after putting the kids to sleep
  7. The feeling of sand between my toes and on my skin as I leave the beach
  8. Time spent bouncing around ideas with my husband for our writing projects
  9. The relief of a good hearty sneeze
  10. My oldest son’s contagious laugh coming from his room as he chats with friends, not knowing that we laugh along with him

Elke Lopez absolutely loved writing this list and is the creator, writer and proud debater behind her tell-all blog The Pretty Platform.

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2 thoughts on “Things Elke Lopez Likes

  1. Enjoyed this list! Especially #1 and #10, and #5…and all of it.


  2. These lists are great. Thanks so much for the inspiration for making my own list of things I like. I couldn’t think of a single thing. Well, chocolate.


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