Things Bonnie Qian Likes

  1. Getting on the side of the tram that minimises what I have to walk at arrival
  2. Coming up with a good analogy
  3. Biking in the city, especially on lanes with arrows
  4. Having a set of translucent flag Post-Its when reading a novel
  5. Arguing about the MBTI
  6. Paying bills
  7. Staying in bed on very sunny days — no noise, no light, no outside stimuli
  8. Being truthful and sometimes nervous when I blog
  9. Rays of sunlight through half-closed window blinds, reflecting off of the moving dust
  10. Making a friend, because it’s rare

Bonnie Qian uses math to play around and study societies, and lives in Zurich, Switzerland.

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Things Emily Kim Likes

  1. My dog’s wagging tail when I come home from work
  2. Seeing the past owner’s markings in a secondhand book as I flip through the pages
  3. Meeting other English majors and talking about our favorite literature
  4. Having a conversation with a stranger and finding we are more similar than we are different
  5. Randomly clicking on a YouTube video in the sidebar and finding my new favorite song
  6. The sound of the waves getting louder as I walk closer to the beach
  7. Listening to my grandparents’ vinyl of the Sound of Music soundtrack on their record player
  8. Looking back through my past journals and seeing how much of a drama queen I was
  9. When I meet someone who has the same odd, corny sense of humor I do
  10. Heartfelt, unashamed deep-belly laughs

Emily Kim is an aspiring writer and rising senior studying English at the University of Maryland.

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Things Sarah Nicholson Likes

  1. The smell of a jetway in the wee hours of the morning
  2. The way light hits a cup of coffee at 7:46am
  3. The sound of subways rumbling underneath the street
  4. Indie rock songs that sound like the soundtrack to a roadtrip montage
  5. Conversations that end in happy tears
  6. The Gm7 (no. 3) chord, preferably arpeggiated
  7. Website formatting that reminds me, inexplicably, of downtown coffee shops
  8. Fiction that reads like a good piece of journalism
  9. Real mail
  10. Cute moments in movies where the people seem genuinely joyful
Sarah Nicholson writes occasionally articulate words on her blog, and is not throwing away her shot to make a Hamilton joke. 
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Things Anushka Abraham Likes

  1. The “pop” sound a suction cup makes when you pull it off a surface
  2. Digging my hand into a bucket of caramel popcorn and finding a large, gooey cluster
  3. When Luis hugs me from behind
  4. Recognizing a song I haven’t heard in a long time from the intro
  5. When the elevator door is already open, on the ground floor, like it was waiting there for me
  6. Finishing the lyrics to a song I’m writing
  7. Biting into a hot, toasted, spicy bean wrap from Costa after going hungry for hours
  8. Catching people doing something funny when they think no one’s looking
  9. A slice of lemon in my Coke
  10. When I’m one of the first people to hit the dance floor and the rest of the bar joins — I like to think that I inspired them
Anushka just remembered how she used to dislike hugs. 
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Things Elke Lopez Likes

  1. The confirmation number I receive after paying a bill
  2. Folding down the corner of a page in a good book to mark where I left off
  3. The smell of cucumber that fills the air as I’m cutting one up for a fresh salad
  4. The sound of my two younger boys’ voices as they ask for an apple instead of candy
  5. Receiving a long email from my long-distance besties
  6. Sipping a glass of wine (preferably Josh or 19 Crimes) in front of my fireplace on a cold evening after putting the kids to sleep
  7. The feeling of sand between my toes and on my skin as I leave the beach
  8. Time spent bouncing around ideas with my husband for our writing projects
  9. The relief of a good hearty sneeze
  10. My oldest son’s contagious laugh coming from his room as he chats with friends, not knowing that we laugh along with him

Elke Lopez absolutely loved writing this list and is the creator, writer and proud debater behind her tell-all blog The Pretty Platform.

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Things Patricia Single Likes

  1. Manny the cat sleeping, curled up tight into a perfect circle
  2. My super cool, super comfy, super soft lavender suede shoes
  3. The random still life composition of just-picked apples lying upon the kitchen counter
  4. The soft thud when the lid of the laptop closes
  5. The rhythmic flow of writing by hand
  6. Pocket-sized black leather notebooks with unlined pages
  7. Creamy yogurt atop thinly sliced bananas, sprinkled with sunflower seeds
  8. A glass of cold water with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice
  9. Riding a bicycle, recalling how as a child I would imagine my bicycle a faithful pony
  10. Flying overnight to London, looking out the window to see the magical full moon traveling alongside

Patricia Single seeks the magical spirit in words and images, and small daily moments.

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Things Ena Jarales Likes

  1. People replying to email conversations I had long forgotten about
  2. Ham-and-cheese-and-pineapple pizza
  3. The names Isobel and Isolde
  4. A time capsule in Manila set to be opened in February 2045
  5. When younger cousins read the books I recommend
  6. Xiao long bao with just the right amount of soup that explodes in my mouth
  7. The feeling of utter disbelief that makes me put down a terrific book in the middle of reading
  8. When someone else sings along to the background music at a store
  9. Cary Grant movies (or just about any black-and-white movie)
  10. The combination of alabaster and Delft Blue
Ena Jarales occasionally wishes that everyone in the world would just learn to get along with each other.
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