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Things Soumik Roy Likes

  1. A cup of black coffee, roasted at home and freshly ground
  2. The look in people’s eyes when I simplify tech-speak for them
  3. Videos of babies eating a slice of lime or just smiling away foolishly
  4. The feel of warm, freshly-pressed clothes on my body, on a cold day
  5. A platter of cheese and cold cuts and a bottle of chardonnay at 3 AM
  6. The lingering smell at printing presses and gas stations
  7. Live music on the streets, no matter what country, genre or language
  8. Watching the sun rise or set from a really tall skyscraper overlooking the city
  9. Following a recipe for something I’ve never tasted before
  10. Writing letters and poems that I will never have to share with the world
Soumik Roy roasts and brews his own coffee when he isn’t writing.
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Things Sydney Hartle Likes

  1. That little divot in a never-been-used ChapStick
  2. Wiggling my fingers in a bowl of smooth, dry beans
  3. Smelling an infant’s head
  4. The flatness of my belly in the morning and its fullness after dinner
  5. Eating frozen blueberries
  6. The instant enlargement of a cat’s pupils before she darts around the room, possessed
  7. Those wispy hairs at the nape of my neck that are too short to fit in my ponytail
  8. A pat on the butt from a man who has permission to touch it
  9. The sound of my name in an accent other than my own
  10. The humbling quietude of standing alone by the sea

Sydney Hartle is a writer and recent college grad who peaked at age six, when she met her celebrity crush, General Shang from Mulan, at Disneyland.

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Things Sandra Samoska Likes

  1. The sound of my kids’ belly laughs
  2. Fuzzy socks
  3. Turning the music up really loud when I’m alone in the car
  4. Tiny toiletries
  5. The face my daughter makes when she bites into a lemon
  6. Freshly sharpened pencils
  7. Canned asparagus
  8. The heavy warmth of a baby falling asleep on me
  9. A basket of folded laundry
  10. Rearranging furniture

Sandra Samoska is probably sitting on her couch with four kids trying to sit in her lap at the same time.

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Things Emily Calvo Likes

  1. Fine art on postage stamps
  2. When jeans fit right out of the dryer
  3. The first 30 minutes of a road trip
  4. A zero balance on my credit card
  5. The aroma of a freshly peeled orange
  6. After midnight when all is quiet
  7. Mystery chocolate creams
  8. Singing along with Adele
  9. A baby’s nonstop guttural laughter
  10. The inevitable silver lining

Emily Calvo is a poet, artist and author who knows it’s the little things that make life tolerable.

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Things Patti Schuman Likes

  1.   That first sip of fresh, hot coffee in the morning
  2.   Sun beams streaming through the windows
  3.   Digging in the dirt; caring for my plants
  4.   A full fridge and panty after a big grocery shop
  5.   The night sky; stars, clouds and the moon in any phase
  6.   A great song that transports you to a time long ago
  7.   A surprise call, text, email from somebody I miss
  8.   Kisses with eyes open, looking at each other
  9.   Climbing into a bed with fresh sheets
  10.   Story time with my grandchildren — books or made up tales

Patti Schuman is a wife, mom, grandmother, realtor, and old soul.

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