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Things Louisa Woods Likes

  1. Turning the shower up as hot as I can bear it and standing underneath it, daydreaming
  2. Being made a cup of tea by someone without them needing to ask how I like it
  3. “I love you”s that come out of the blue
  4. The contented clucking of my chickens as they scratch around in the garden
  5. Listening to my girls playing happily together (as rare as that may be!)
  6. A genuine thank-you
  7. Balmy spring days
  8. Handwritten letters arriving in the mailbox
  9. Getting a hello or a smile on the street
  10. Singing and dancing in the kitchen while I bake or cook

Louisa Woods is a mother of three, living in New Zealand. 

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Things Jessica McCarvell Likes

  1. The sound of my friend Kerry cracking her knuckles — first her left hand, then her right
  2. Buffy, season six, episode eleven (Buffy is invisible; Xander catches Spike “doing pushups” in his bed)
  3. Stroopwafel (Dutch thin waffles with a syrup filling) warmed over a cup of black tea with almond milk: makes the syrup melty
  4. The fleeting moment when a birthday cake covered in candles comes out, the lights go down and we all inhale to sing
  5. When I’m holding one of my baby friends and they burrow their head in the crook of my neck
  6. Reorganizing my art, etc. on my mantel/shelves, stepping back to look and feeling a wave of yes — it’s all in the perfect place
  7. Diving into my calendar (day planner) and reading what I was doing last year on the same day, week and month
  8. My ability to bake and rely only on my intuition as a timer
  9. Matty Healy’s voice when he sings the line “it’s not about reciprocation, it’s just all about me, a sycophantic, prophetic, socratic junkie wanna be”
  10. The anticipation of the hug of a friend when we’re parting ways, just before the conversation ends

Jessica McCarvell is most likely wrapped in a cozy blanket burrito, plotting her next midnight snack party.

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