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Things Bonnie Qian Likes

  1. Getting on the side of the tram that minimises what I have to walk at arrival
  2. Coming up with a good analogy
  3. Biking in the city, especially on lanes with arrows
  4. Having a set of translucent flag Post-Its when reading a novel
  5. Arguing about the MBTI
  6. Paying bills
  7. Staying in bed on very sunny days — no noise, no light, no outside stimuli
  8. Being truthful and sometimes nervous when I blog
  9. Rays of sunlight through half-closed window blinds, reflecting off of the moving dust
  10. Making a friend, because it’s rare

Bonnie Qian uses math to play around and study societies, and lives in Zurich, Switzerland.

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Things Willow Belden Likes

  1. Opening all the windows on the first warm summer day
  2. The smell of argan oil in wet hair
  3. Cycling with the wind behind you
  4. Shaving outdoors, in a stream
  5. The warm, sideways glow of dawn
  6. The glint of a freshly scrubbed bathtub
  7. Animated discussions about obscure grammatical questions
  8. Perfectly ripe avocados
  9. The feeling of weightlessness that comes with a shorter haircut
  10. Being the only person on a mountain

Willow hosts a podcast about the outdoors called Out There and was formerly a reporter for Wyoming Public Radio.

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Things Melissa Maehara Likes

  1. Drunk bike-riding on breezy summer nights
  2. Inappropriate questions/dinner conversations held at very proper dinner tables
  3. Godzilla
  4. Key lime pie…mmm — yes, key lime pie
  5. The contours of my back in a backless dress
  6. Driving fast in a snowstorm (when snowflakes look like the stars in all those science fiction movies once the spaceship engages in warp speed)
  7. Kitchen seductions: foreplay substituting for appetizers while cooking with my lover
  8. When people say “please” and “thank you” and “I’m sorry” and “you’re right” and mean it
  9. Answering questions about my race/ethnicity with blatant lies (lies that can continue, if prompted, with elaborate backstories)
  10. The fog — when it’s thick and low to the ground

Melissa Maehara is a writer, photographer and dinosaur lover.

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Things Jesse Shotland Likes

  1. Clean sheets after having gotten used to dirty sheets
  2. Shaving my legs (for cycling) and feeling them on said clean sheets
  3. Taking pictures of beautiful places that are underappreciated
  4. Bikes that were made with attention to detail in a creative and personal way
  5. The cold side of the pillow
  6. Video games I grew up playing that are now 15 years old and way better than “Call of Duty”
  7. Arthur-shaped mac and cheese
  8. Eating ice cream while riding bikes with friends in the summer as it melts and the sprinkles get stuck to your hand with the wind blowing the creamy goodness off your fingertips as you try desperately to lick it off in time
  9. Being out of breath
  10. When a dog receives so much love in its life it comes up to you with a wagging tail after having only seen you for one second in its entire life

Jesse is a classic goofball. He races bikes, he befriends his opponents, and he feels loved. He’s grateful.

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Things Larry Gross Likes

  1. Stepping aboard a train…doesn’t matter where it’s going
  2. Hot coffee and the Sunday New York Times (paper version, please) on a winter morning
  3. Riding my bike down a new road and not knowing what is around the next curve
  4. Taking in a lofty view earned by hiking all the way up
  5. Sharing my photographs and getting comments back
  6. The sound of a steam locomotive whistle
  7. Cocktail hour
  8. Having dinner with my kids
  9. Leaving on a new bucket list trip with my wife/travel buddy
  10. Stepping back into the house after a trip

Larry Gross is a biker, hiker, photographer, foamer, dad, husband, and intermodal pundit.

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