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Things Rachel Hill Likes

  1. Realising it’s the weekend and having an unexpected lie-in
  2. Licking melted chocolate off the spoon
  3. Sitting down to enjoy a film after I’ve cleaned the house so it’s spotless
  4. A hot shower on an itchy scalp
  5. Cards arriving in the post
  6. When someone asks how I’m doing
  7. Late night heart-to-hearts with friends
  8. The smell of a match I’ve just blown out
  9. Birthday candles on a cake
  10. Finding one last sweet when I thought I’d finished the bag

Rachel Hill is a blogger at The Invisible Hypothyroidism and Petals and Petticoats.

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Things Jasmin Frank Likes

  1. Lying on the warm patio stones like a lizard, so the warmth can get into my bones
  2. The smell of shaving foam for men
  3. Licking the batter off the mixing spoon when the cake is in the oven
  4. The fine texture and mild, but still hot, taste of German mustard
  5. Putting my glasses on after they have just been cleaned
  6. The talking voice of Frank Zappa
  7. Watching my husband get a haircut
  8. Opening a beer bottle with a cigarette lighter
  9. The sound of cold liquid being poured into a hot pan
  10. The word “poodle”
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