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Things Soumik Roy Likes

  1. A cup of black coffee, roasted at home and freshly ground
  2. The look in people’s eyes when I simplify tech-speak for them
  3. Videos of babies eating a slice of lime or just smiling away foolishly
  4. The feel of warm, freshly-pressed clothes on my body, on a cold day
  5. A platter of cheese and cold cuts and a bottle of chardonnay at 3 AM
  6. The lingering smell at printing presses and gas stations
  7. Live music on the streets, no matter what country, genre or language
  8. Watching the sun rise or set from a really tall skyscraper overlooking the city
  9. Following a recipe for something I’ve never tasted before
  10. Writing letters and poems that I will never have to share with the world
Soumik Roy roasts and brews his own coffee when he isn’t writing.
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Things Katy Wicks Likes

  1. The atmosphere in the air before a really great storm
  2. Creamy foods (milky chocolates and mild cheeses)
  3. The feeling of pride when I try a food for the first time I had always expected to hate — and love it (tomatoes, mushrooms, rice)
  4. Unexpectedly hearing from somebody I miss
  5. The first moments of awakeness when I can still remember my dreams so vividly
  6. An even tan on flawless skin
  7. A perfectly cooked egg with a runny yolk
  8. The sound of a crunchy leaf under my foot — better still, when it’s so crunchy I can feel it under my foot
  9. A good laugh in the working day
  10. Staying awake talking to somebody for hours longer than I should just because neither of us wants to end the conversation

Katy started her blog almost a year ago thinking she had lots to say about cool things like travelling, but it turns out she mostly just likes to whinge about things.

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Things Joey Herrera Likes

  1. Receiving things you forgot you bought online (ooh, a surprise gift for me! from me!)
  2. Being told that my ideas are good by the people who pay me to do it (especially Indonesian clients who make an effort to say it in English so I’ll understand it)
  3. Ending destructive relationships
  4. When the smell of cookies or cakes baking in the oven fills the house
  5. Jack Daniels with ice-cold Coke, no ice
  6. Ending a workout with aching muscles
  7. Discovering an amazing new writer/TV series just from following IMDB links
  8. Recognizing an actor from a movie that I know from somewhere else
  9. Melted cheese on things
  10. Stupid games like finding out which movies would sound weird if they included the movie title in the dialogue

Joey Herrera is an advertising creative director who caved in to adulthood by buying a home — online, because URLs are cheaper than houses.

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