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Things Liz York Likes

  1. Having lunch with Jay on the Upper West Side
  2. Wearing a big hat on a very hot day
  3. Purple bags
  4. Free pens
  5. Earbuds that block out the sound of a diesel truck’s horn
  6. Ice cream in coffee
  7. Miyazaki animation
  8. The singing birds outside my window that encourage me to get out of bed
  9. Chocolate-covered ginger
  10. When a friend invites me to visit and then says, “Please stay longer, because we’re having fun!”
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Things Sarah Nicholson Likes

  1. The smell of a jetway in the wee hours of the morning
  2. The way light hits a cup of coffee at 7:46am
  3. The sound of subways rumbling underneath the street
  4. Indie rock songs that sound like the soundtrack to a roadtrip montage
  5. Conversations that end in happy tears
  6. The Gm7 (no. 3) chord, preferably arpeggiated
  7. Website formatting that reminds me, inexplicably, of downtown coffee shops
  8. Fiction that reads like a good piece of journalism
  9. Real mail
  10. Cute moments in movies where the people seem genuinely joyful
Sarah Nicholson writes occasionally articulate words on her blog, and is not throwing away her shot to make a Hamilton joke. 
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Things Jamie Berg Likes

  1. Waking up to sweet, warm, fresh pastries and a mug of hot coffee
  2. When the idea for a new story pops into my head, seemingly out of nowhere
  3. Finding a new letter from my sister in the mailbox, the envelope covered in her artwork, the words as if I wrote them to myself
  4. Baby giggles that turn into little boy belly-laughs
  5. Dancing anywhere, at any time, making a complete fool of myself — preferably with a drink in hand
  6. The view from the Sun Gate at Machu Picchu
  7. Rereading Emerson’s “Self-Reliance” for the hundredth time, bundled under a blanket in an overstuffed chair
  8. That moment during a wedding when the groom first sees the bride at the top of the aisle
  9. Watching Aaron Sorkin masterpieces (The West Wing, The Newsroom), with my husband, sharing a bottle of red wine
  10. Memories of traveling through Europe, and imaginings of where we’ll go next
Jamie Berg is the founder and creative director of #bcbk (be curious. be kind.), as well as a writer, a reader, a wife, and a mother.
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Things Jill Schuman Likes

  1. Getting off the plane in Durango and taking a deep breath of Colorado air and vibes
  2. Eating my favorite dish of salmon, brown rice and veggies or one of my great salads when I am hungry
  3. Sitting in my kitchen with my large and boisterous family and talking for hours
  4. An epic read from a book that I had not expected to love so much
  5. Opening a new bag of coffee beans and breathing in
  6. Laughing; just belly laughing about anything, anytime, with anyone
  7. The smell of everything citrus
  8. Being on the earth hiking or cross-country skiing with my husband and a great picnic lunch in my pack
  9. A great night’s sleep between clean sheets with the windows open
  10. Smelling mud and musk after a Colorado rainstorm

Jill Schuman is an avid outdoorswoman and founder of eNZees Foot Soother, which imports lambswool that prevents hot spots and blisters.

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Things Zack Barangan Likes

  1. Shawn Michaels tearfully saying “I’m sorry, I love you” before delivering a superkick to Ric Flair to end Flair’s legendary career at WrestleMania 24
  2. The first bite of a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich on prohibitively hungover mornings at work
  3. This couplet from the Pablo Neruda poem “Tonight I Can Write the Saddest Lines”: “I no longer love her, that’s certain, but maybe I love her. / Love is so short, forgetting is so long.”
  4. Using rap quotes in emails at work. Today’s gem: “I’m four-five seconds from wilin’ and we’ve got three more hours to deliver this content calendar”
  5. The look of jealousy I get from coworkers when they see me using my French press while they drink Keurig coffee
  6. White Haribo gummi bears
  7. Being old enough to buy art (that isn’t posters of a band) for my home
  8. Russian prison tattoos
  9. Finding the perfect music for the come down
  10. Freaking out and dancing like mad men with my friends when “How Will I Know” by the one and only Whitney Houston is played in public

Zack Barangan is way too old to be dressing like this. 

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Things Chris Bernasco likes

  1. The feel of the back of my son’s neck
  2. Listening to James Taylor sing “You Can Close Your Eyes”
  3. Cycling through a light summer rain
  4. My first cup of coffee in the morning
  5. Getting a new assignment
  6. Jogging in the woods around Amersfoort
  7. Getting a paragraph just right
  8. Singing my songs for an attentive crowd
  9. The beach in Bretagne (France)
  10. “We Can Work It Out” by The Beatles

Chris Bernasco is a freelance copywriter and singer-songwriter in Holland.

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Things Shreya Suresh Likes

  1. Fall in New England
  2. South Indian filter coffee served hot
  3. Harry Potter themed gifts
  4. The smell of old books
  5. Draping string lights over everything, even though college ended a while back
  6. Fitting in the last piece on a thousand-piece jigsaw puzzle
  7. Old typewriters whose keys make the most musical noise when you type
  8. Long drives with the windows down (and a slight drizzle)
  9. Printed photographs
  10. Big chalkboards mounted on brick walls

Shreya likes to rant and tell stories, and is always thinking about her next cookie.

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