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Things Nate Umbower Likes

  1. Playing first base in the warm weather
  2. Working with my brother Jeremiah at a moving company
  3. Playing catch with my dog, Panda, in a big field at Mountain Valley Park
  4. Cooking bread for my household
  5. Hanging out with my friends, Matthew and Melina, on a warm day in July
  6. Going swimming with my family on a hot day
  7. Going to the park with my nephews Jeremiah and Dominic
  8. Having big barbecues with my family in August
  9. Playing video games on my PS3 with my buddy Robert
  10. Playing “The Game of Life” with my little sister Haylee on a cold day in December
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Things Emily Kim Likes

  1. My dog’s wagging tail when I come home from work
  2. Seeing the past owner’s markings in a secondhand book as I flip through the pages
  3. Meeting other English majors and talking about our favorite literature
  4. Having a conversation with a stranger and finding we are more similar than we are different
  5. Randomly clicking on a YouTube video in the sidebar and finding my new favorite song
  6. The sound of the waves getting louder as I walk closer to the beach
  7. Listening to my grandparents’ vinyl of the Sound of Music soundtrack on their record player
  8. Looking back through my past journals and seeing how much of a drama queen I was
  9. When I meet someone who has the same odd, corny sense of humor I do
  10. Heartfelt, unashamed deep-belly laughs

Emily Kim is an aspiring writer and rising senior studying English at the University of Maryland.

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Things Alexa Peters Likes

  1. The tactile experience of putting on a record
  2. Smashing avocado on bread with a fork
  3. Paul McCartney’s rock ’n’ roll scream
  4. A used-up journal
  5. High-thread-count white cotton sheets
  6. Cole Porter lyrics
  7. The thump of my golden retriever’s tail against the hardwoods
  8. ‘60s floral shift dresses with tights and boots
  9. Touching foreheads after a kiss
  10. Camping under the stars without the rainfly

Alexa Peters is a freelance writer and music publicist in Seattle, WA, with a healthy love for Billy Crystal.

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Things Siona Benjamin Likes

  1. Palm trees blowing in the wind on my street in Bombay, when I was growing up, as I remember them
  2. Ruby, my dog, sleeping at my feet as I paint late into the night
  3. Mixing turquoise blue gouache and then applying it, layer by transparent layer, and watching it come alive
  4. Eating dosas with coconut chutney in Kerala after visiting the oldest synagogue in India
  5. My daughter Rachel cooking me one of her stupendous dinners (and it’s a surprise new dish every time!)
  6. Imagining that I can touch a painting I love in a museum, and licking my finger in the hope that I can ingest some of its brilliance (I would never actually dare to do it!)
  7. Walking miles in a museum with Peter and stumbling upon another marvelous piece of art that makes us forget our aching backs
  8. Closing my eyes and diving into pools of absolutely brilliant color
  9. Getting lost in an old medieval city in Italy, and stumbling upon another painting by Piero della Francesca
  10. Remembering my mother, Sophie, and how much she loves me

Siona Benjamin is a painter originally from Mumbai, now living in the US. 

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Things Christian N. Kerr Likes


  1. The archaic word “feak” to mean those stray wisps of hair that fall in front of your eyes while you’re reading. Example: “Leo’s feaks were on fleek in Titanic
  2. The way stick figures are drawn by children in China — without torsos, like houses with heads
  3. The click-clack sound of skateboard wheels rolling fast across a brick plaza
  4. The satisfying feeling of slowly freeing a vinyl sticker from its glossy backing
  5. The Loudon Wainwright III song “Man & Dog”
  6. The cats in Frans Snyder’s paintings
  7. This line from Thomas Pynchon’s Crying of Lot 49: “This is America, you live in it, you let it happen. Let it unfurl.”
  8. “The duality of the Southern Thing.”
  9. Poems about paintings, like Pieter Bruegel’s “Landscape with the Fall of Icarus” and the William Carlos Williams poem it inspired
  10. Slow-motion videos of dogs trying and failing to catch objects tossed at them

Christian N. Kerr is a writer and researcher based in Brooklyn. 

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Things Lara Zarum Likes

  1. Dogs eating carrots
  2. Schweppes Lemon Lime Sparkling Seltzer Water
  3. Smelling the ocean from the subway platform at Brighton Beach
  4. Checking the hourly weather forecast
  5. Checking it again
  6. Delayed gratification
  7. Driving aimlessly at night with the radio on
  8. Bundling up in the winter and going for a long walk
  9. Untying knots
  10. Pulling — not peeling — my split ends
Lara Zarum is a freelance culture writer in Toronto.


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Things Marni Chan Likes

  1. Handmade valentines
  2. Being a good host
  3. Single subject social media accounts
  4. Earnest-as-fuck wedding vows
  5. Military style jackets
  6. How much my dog likes eating salad
  7. Movie plots that don’t make sense anymore now that the internet is a thing
  8. Eating half a sandwich, putting the rest away, and then remembering later when I’m hungry that I have half a sandwich
  9. Arguing with smart people about genuinely dumb TV
  10. Recreational social bathing (e.g. Japanese onsens, Turkish baths, German Schwimmbads)

Marni Chan is leaving New York soon and feels weird about it.

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