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Things Kate Redmon Likes

  1. The rich combination of warm sunshine and cool breeze on bare shoulders
  2. Riots of fuchsia bougainvillea blossoms on overgrown shrubs
  3. Sharp-witted wordplay
  4. The heady smell of plumeria that envelops the senses when stepping off the plane at the Honolulu Airport
  5. When my pinochle partner passes just the cards I need for a run AND a hundred aces
  6. Warm, tropical rain that pours from the sky as if a tap has been opened
  7. Scrubby, grassy roadsides aglow with yellow wildflowers flying past my car window on road trips
  8. Saguaros in bloom like fat, prickly brides
  9. Fireplaces that crackle and whoosh like old women muttering
  10. Making lists

Kate Redmon is one of those people who always seems to learn things the hard way.

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