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Things Sarah Nicholson Likes

  1. The smell of a jetway in the wee hours of the morning
  2. The way light hits a cup of coffee at 7:46am
  3. The sound of subways rumbling underneath the street
  4. Indie rock songs that sound like the soundtrack to a roadtrip montage
  5. Conversations that end in happy tears
  6. The Gm7 (no. 3) chord, preferably arpeggiated
  7. Website formatting that reminds me, inexplicably, of downtown coffee shops
  8. Fiction that reads like a good piece of journalism
  9. Real mail
  10. Cute moments in movies where the people seem genuinely joyful
Sarah Nicholson writes occasionally articulate words on her blog, and is not throwing away her shot to make a Hamilton joke. 
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Things Aaron Lackman Likes

  1. Daniel Johnston’s song “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Your Grievances”
  2. Making salmon sushi
  3. Retelling funny things my nieces said
  4. Exchanging idioms and jokes with a foreigner
  5. Showering and going back to sleep
  6. Jimmy Fallon’s story about playing ping pong against Prince
  7. Feeding my cats
  8. Driving down a sketchy dirt road in the middle of beautiful nowhere
  9. Singing a song on a friend’s answering machine
  10. Sending things in the mail
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Things Charlotte Czerw Likes

  1. Walking on a path with cherry blossom trees in the springtime when the wind blows and the petals dance around me
  2. Opening the blue mailbox and placing a birthday note inside the slot and hearing it fall on top of other letters
  3. Reading stories I loved as a child to my children
  4. Napping on the beach and drifting in and out of consciousness like the waves on the shore
  5. Prepping my beginning-of-the-year bulletin board for my classroom
  6. Mapping out a walk in a city I’ve never explored before and sightseeing as I go
  7. My first sips of my hot mint tea in the morning
  8. Catching up and cuddling with my husband as soon as our children are asleep
  9. Jogging on a chilly morning and seeing my breath
  10. Dancing with live accompaniment and losing myself in the movement and music

Charlotte Czerw is a nursery school teacher, artist, performer and mommy.

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Things David Warren Grunner Likes

  1. The cool underside of a pillow in the middle of the night
  2. Going out for breakfast
  3. Sitting in a movie theater until the credits end
  4. Apartments crowded with books
  5. Checking the mail
  6. Eavesdropping on conversations in languages I don’t understand
  7. A good rhyming couplet
  8. Messy desks
  9. Empty Manhattan streets on Sunday mornings during the fall
  10. Interrobangs

Making this list was hard because David kinda likes all the things.

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