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Things Mark Frederick Likes

  1. Inconvenient, random acts of surprising compassion
  2. The brilliant lights in my students’ eyes when they first understand a new idea
  3. Sharp cheddar cheese and a cheesy smile
  4. The breathtaking potential in the smell of new book
  5. The sonatas and symphonies of Beethoven when I’m feeling utterly alone
  6. When someone who feels weak finds strength within themselves
  7. A laugh so loud and unusual that everyone turns to look
  8. Giant, white, fluffy clouds that make you feel both insignificant and divine
  9. The soul-soaring freedom of a road trip in the American West
  10. Stories that evoke airy exultation and earthy despair

Mark C. Frederick is an adult basic education instructor at Yavapai College in Prescott, Arizona.

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