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Things Sarah Nicholson Likes

  1. The smell of a jetway in the wee hours of the morning
  2. The way light hits a cup of coffee at 7:46am
  3. The sound of subways rumbling underneath the street
  4. Indie rock songs that sound like the soundtrack to a roadtrip montage
  5. Conversations that end in happy tears
  6. The Gm7 (no. 3) chord, preferably arpeggiated
  7. Website formatting that reminds me, inexplicably, of downtown coffee shops
  8. Fiction that reads like a good piece of journalism
  9. Real mail
  10. Cute moments in movies where the people seem genuinely joyful
Sarah Nicholson writes occasionally articulate words on her blog, and is not throwing away her shot to make a Hamilton joke. 
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Things Anushka Abraham Likes

  1. The “pop” sound a suction cup makes when you pull it off a surface
  2. Digging my hand into a bucket of caramel popcorn and finding a large, gooey cluster
  3. When Luis hugs me from behind
  4. Recognizing a song I haven’t heard in a long time from the intro
  5. When the elevator door is already open, on the ground floor, like it was waiting there for me
  6. Finishing the lyrics to a song I’m writing
  7. Biting into a hot, toasted, spicy bean wrap from Costa after going hungry for hours
  8. Catching people doing something funny when they think no one’s looking
  9. A slice of lemon in my Coke
  10. When I’m one of the first people to hit the dance floor and the rest of the bar joins — I like to think that I inspired them
Anushka just remembered how she used to dislike hugs. 
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Things Kristi Mellin Likes

  1. Crossing something off my to-do list right after I complete that task
  2. The smell of wood at hardware stores
  3. Pulling my hair into a ponytail
  4. Crossing the street downtown during the day
  5. Discovering music that my peers haven’t heard before and then telling them about it
  6. Having a face-to-face conversation
  7. Putting on warm jackets
  8. The way the city lights twinkle at night
  9. Meeting up with old friends at little, quaint cafes
  10. Walking on carpet barefoot

Kristi Mellin loves cheesecake and so desperately wishes it could be considered a healthy food choice.   

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