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Things Liz York Likes

  1. Having lunch with Jay on the Upper West Side
  2. Wearing a big hat on a very hot day
  3. Purple bags
  4. Free pens
  5. Earbuds that block out the sound of a diesel truck’s horn
  6. Ice cream in coffee
  7. Miyazaki animation
  8. The singing birds outside my window that encourage me to get out of bed
  9. Chocolate-covered ginger
  10. When a friend invites me to visit and then says, “Please stay longer, because we’re having fun!”
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Things Jamie Courville Likes

  1. That feeling when you get on a plane to a faraway place when announcements switch from English to an unfamiliar language
  2. Walking all day in NYC and finding streets I have never been on
  3. When friends or people I like get recognized for doing something well
  4. Fall foliage
  5. Busy hands figuring out how to make something useful (shaving cream for example)
  6. Reading Cormac McCarthy in The Lincoln Library
  7. When you know your camera clicked at just the right second
  8. Nachos
  9. Naughty animals
  10. Aesthetically pleasing and retro-filled colorful rooms
Jamie Courville likes to record the stories of those seldom heard but hates to work on her website.
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