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Things Rohini Dasgupta Likes

  1. Going to bed knowing that I have cleaned my house till it’s sparkling clean
  2. Reading my book and having a drink by myself in the corner of a crowded bar
  3. Spending Sunday just lazing and reading and watching time pass by
  4. Eggs. Any way they can be made
  5. Sleeping on a bus/train/car
  6. Seeing the world through new eyes after I’ve cleaned my glasses
  7. The euphoric feeling of hitting publish on a blogpost
  8. Conversations on New Year’s Day
  9. Walking in the rain and hearing the rain on my umbrella
  10. Cuddling

Rohini Dasgupta is either working maniacally or lazing right now.

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Things Imani McGarrell likes

  1. When it rains the same days that I’m grumpy
  2. Buying new pens for my desk at work
  3. Dinner parties
  4. The face my boyfriend makes when I tweeze his eyebrows
  5. The man in the cafeteria who gives me extra fries when I’m sad
  6. Getting lost in IKEA
  7. Eating chicken nuggets while we dangle our toes in the river
  8. Finding sales in the wine section at the grocery store
  9. Tarot cards
  10. Coordinating my lipstick with my nail polish

Imani McGarrell is the Managing Editor at the University Star, hopes not to drown in student loan debt before writing something memorable, and would leave her boyfriend for Beyonce.

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Things Wencey Anne Mallapre Likes

  1. The smell of rain
  2. Slow dances
  3. Having my hair combed
  4. Handwritten letters and notes
  5. Books that keep me up all night
  6. Shopping in malls when it’s just a few hours from closing time
  7. Eating with bare hands
  8. Peanut butter cups and cupcakes
  9. Dresses with poofy skirts
  10. Studying in the library when very few people are around
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Things Shadz Loresco Likes

  1. The scent of soil at the wake of a summer rain
  2. Quoting or sending a shout-out to a character who just got killed off in a recent Game of Thrones episode
  3. Finding the non-fictional Jon Snow
  4. Stuffing my sentences with alliterations
  5. Buying secondhand books and not reading them until two years have passed
  6. Reading long essays and novels on my mobile device without getting distracted by Facebook and Instagram notifications
  7. Discussing favorite authors with friends over beer
  8. Traveling to a city over and over
  9. Relearning most afternoons that no two sunsets look the same
  10. Creating a chart, diagram, or map of my day so I can live the moments
Shadz Loresco believes there is a Sarah Kay poem for every stage of heartbreak.
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Things Alexia Nader Likes

  1. Sleeping with the windows open when it rains
  2. The rhythm of the Cuban son clave
  3. Royal palm trees
  4. Swaying hips in dance
  5. The situation of reading a book in which you can’t stop reading quickly because you need to know what happens but you know you will eventually regret your behavior because the book will be over too fast.
  6. Period films
  7. Moisturizing
  8. The porticos in Bologna with painted ceilings
  9. Hand gestures
  10. Pasta shaped like pillows

Alexia writes from San Francisco. 

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