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Things Rohini Dasgupta Likes

  1. Going to bed knowing that I have cleaned my house till it’s sparkling clean
  2. Reading my book and having a drink by myself in the corner of a crowded bar
  3. Spending Sunday just lazing and reading and watching time pass by
  4. Eggs. Any way they can be made
  5. Sleeping on a bus/train/car
  6. Seeing the world through new eyes after I’ve cleaned my glasses
  7. The euphoric feeling of hitting publish on a blogpost
  8. Conversations on New Year’s Day
  9. Walking in the rain and hearing the rain on my umbrella
  10. Cuddling

Rohini Dasgupta is either working maniacally or lazing right now.

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Things D. Aquilla Likes

  1. My first step onto the soil of a different country
  2. Napping during a springtime rain
  3. Finding that I enjoy a dish of which I was initially skeptical
  4. Seeing the “awesome” in a work of art
  5. Discussing with my daughter a play we’ve seen together
  6. Finding a bench to sit on, read and people watch
  7. Discovering a compelling new series on Masterpiece Theatre
  8. Watching ants go about their business
  9. Finishing a book that has been on my reading list for ages
  10. Living with my grandmother’s dining table, which I just had refinished

D. Aquilla is a searcher of roots, trees, branches and twigs.

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Things William Heaney Likes

  1. Eating crunchy peanut butter from the jar with a spoon
  2. Driving home from night shift and seeing people hurrying to work
  3. Going for a five-mile run in the rain
  4. When my kids are so deep in conversation or play they are oblivious to everything else around them
  5. Standing on a cold, windy beach
  6. Reading in bed
  7. Arriving in a foreign country and seeing billboard advertisements in other languages
  8. Watching sport from other parts of the world on television late at night
  9. Writing when you know exactly what to say next
  10. Sunny but frosty mornings
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Things Michele Lent Hirsch Likes

  1. Erasing a blackboard in one satisfying sweep
  2. The red cardinal that comes back to our street each year—how it surprises us every time
  3. Basil
  4. Staying up late on the phone
  5. Plants that have soft fuzzy leaves
  6. Getting a laughter-inducing email from a faraway friend
  7. Lap swimming
  8. A sentence so good that you read it again
  9. The moment the N train climbs above ground at dusk
  10. Amoebas everywhere
Michele Lent Hirsch is a writer from New York. She likes many things and yet despises mustard, which, no, she does not know how to explain.
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Things Nadia Goodman Likes

  1. Reading a great opening sentence
  2. Sleeping in on Saturday mornings
  3. Opening the windows on a warm summer day
  4. Feeling my husband’s heartbeat when I’m lying next to him
  5. Organizing my books (always by type and color)
  6. Debating a question with no right answer
  7. Running so fast it feels like one fluid motion
  8. Sitting outside on a warm night when there are no mosquitoes
  9. Singing in a steamy shower
  10. Dancing to Taylor Swift songs whenever I work from home

Nadia Goodman also likes many more things.

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